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Through the Language Institute Chiang Mai University, the Chiang Mai Living Lab drives Chiang Mai University’s commitment to embed sustainability through knowledge, engagement, collaboration and innovation. Through this unique program, we aim to bring international students together with stakeholders in our community including, our local students, staff and city partners.

Individual Action and Unique Solutions

The sustainable development goals are a framework to help drive us to dramatically try to improve sustainability across a broad variety of areas and sectors. 


Through the Chiang Mai Living Lab our local students with team up with international students to collaborate and understand the regional challenges within the Asia-Pacific region, thereafter, will be able to research and test sustainable solutions, enhance their understanding in tackling global challenges using the University and our communities as a test-bed to  put forward their their innovative ideas and solutions to help alleviate local problems and challenges. 

This unique program is a great example of collaborative working alongside a variety of different stakeholders in Chiang Mai's community that provides a test-bed for research with impact, delivers innovative operational solutions, and offers students projects that make a real-world difference. It also enhances our community, bringing together people who wouldn’t usually work directly with each other to create amazing new ideas. 

Coming Soon in Q1 2023


Chiang Mai


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